on Graves

// For the last two years we have been working on growing and developing our sound. We've been expanding our roots from a singer songwriter vibe into a collaborative full bodied band. It was our dream to work hard enough and play enough to be able to produce something we felt could capture the essence of the performances and practices we have done. Our debut EP "Graves" has been an incredible process for us, and we are stoked to be releasing something that we feel captures our sound. Since the days of old when we were yung grasshoppers that were practicing and learning music, we could only dream of playing places like Barboza; but because of this experience it finally feels like it had a purpose. We feel that purpose is to make the people listening feel the emotion we put into every song. And even though we've reached this goal it only pushes us to want to go further and learn and practice and create MORE. We love you, even if we don't know you and you're just reading this for shits. XOXOXOXOX ??COHO?? ilysm

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