A COHO Christmas- Zach

Where:  Glendale, CA
What I am listening to: “Midnight Moon” Waterstrider

Home for me is in Glendale, CA… the stepchild of Pasadena and the forgotten relative of Los Angeles, but it is home. The weather is a nice 60 degrees in the day and in the mid 40s at night. I used to have a distaste for the California Christmas. My family grew up watching White Christmas (still do) and listening to Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant (still do), and the idea of a holiday below freezing encompassed the ideal image of Christmas in my mind. Now though, I have grown to appreciate it. I think in part it was never about the weather and more so about my desire to experience something new. Since then, I have experienced newness. Seattle has been that newness for me. The transition back to the familiar, the comfortable, the warm, the palm trees is welcomed now. So what am I doing this Christmas Eve? I am watching the Family Stone for the 3rd time in a t-shirt surrounded by my overwhelmingly loud and wonderful family and preparing for St. Nick to come tomorrow. 


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