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Current Events Keep Happening// An Encounter with Daniel 

With the changing times and the fact that moon-boots are no longer acceptable footwear I'm left with the chilling fact that I'm getting older.  Too old to just go about my day as another day because it feels like each day is now amounting to something, which is terrifyingly beautiful.  I don't want this to be so sentimental or emotional as it is with me just coming to peace with this completely split feeling.  The things that are terrifying have a grace to them, and the things that are beautiful to me are now beautiful because they are continuously changing.  Playing music is now so much more to me than it was a few years ago, or even as it was yesterday because it feels like each day of work gets me better and closer to feeling satisfied with what I can create.  I feel I can speak for everyone else in the band when I say I feel like we can keep making new music and keep making it continuously better every time.  We'll be working on another EP very soon, and we're working very hard to write more and more to create a coherent emotion and feeling for YOU the listener.  
Much Love 

Mary's Place 

The Holiday season is over, but Winter is not. People give most easily during December, but the need persists. It's now more important than ever to keep a warm spirit for this rainy winter, and for those without the shelter and warmth that we are so lucky to have.
As a band and a family, we have decided to assist in our own small way by raising funds for Mary's Place, an organization focused on empowering homeless women, children and families to reclaim their lives by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing and hope in a safe community. The COHO family works closely with children who once called this place home, but Mary's Place needs all the help they can get.
To that end, we have recorded and produced a two-song offering, from which 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Mary's Place in an effort to keep them in the business of helping people regain their footing.

Please go to (( donate what you want
get the record here ((
and be comforted in the fact that you have helped to empower the powerless in our community.

Thanks and Love COHO

Art by: Merce Lemon
Instagram: @mercelemon

A COHO Christmas- Zach 

Where:  Glendale, CA
What I am listening to: “Midnight Moon” Waterstrider

Home for me is in Glendale, CA… the stepchild of Pasadena and the forgotten relative of Los Angeles, but it is home. The weather is a nice 60 degrees in the day and in the mid 40s at night. I used to have a distaste for the California Christmas. My family grew up watching White Christmas (still do) and listening to Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant (still do), and the idea of a holiday below freezing encompassed the ideal image of Christmas in my mind. Now though, I have grown to appreciate it. I think in part it was never about the weather and more so about my desire to experience something new. Since then, I have experienced newness. Seattle has been that newness for me. The transition back to the familiar, the comfortable, the warm, the palm trees is welcomed now. So what am I doing this Christmas Eve? I am watching the Family Stone for the 3rd time in a t-shirt surrounded by my overwhelmingly loud and wonderful family and preparing for St. Nick to come tomorrow. 


A COHO Christmas - Bradley 

Where: South Hill, WA

What I am listening to: RY X - Love Like This

It is currently snowing as I am typing this - the first snowfall I have seen in a few years. Both my brother and I are back in Puyallup for a few days, and my parents are happy to have the entire family under the same roof again for more than 24 hours. I am happy to be home because of this; I think my parents only feel at complete peace when we are all together. They tend to get slight anxiety and worry when we're not around, and whenever we come home they are relieved of their worry for a short time. But this also makes me feel guilty and sad whenever I have to leave. Going home is a strange thing for me because of this - when the time comes for me to leave home, I always get a feeling that I shouldn't, or that I'm not supposed to, because I don't want my parents to worry about me. For now, though, I am happy to be here.

The snow outside has since turned to rain... bummer. The thing about snow in Puyallup is that the experience is almost always short-lived. 

A COHO Christmas- Danny 

Where: Hawai'i

What I am listening to: Momma - Kendrick Lamar

Me and my family are chillin in hawaii instead of staying home for the holidays. A much needed respite from my home that is flooded in Seattle. Mai tais, cold brews, and warm ocean water.  There are a large amount of old lobster-red white people here.  There are also roosters everywhere.  I kayaked along a river today and got sun blasted all day, worth it.  There was a Sound of Music sing along on tv and my family stayed inside for the entire movie, worth it.  Im writing a bunch of dance songs that no one should hear, but I'm having alot of fun making it. I wish i was using the view from where im writing for something else, but oh well.

Cheers, happy holidaze
AKA Dandel, Dandelion, Dundl

A COHO Christmas- Laura  

Where: Redding, California 

What I am listening to: Sufjan Stevens and the National on repeat (per usual) 

Redding isn’t exactly bustling with like-minded youths (see: Seattle), so I’m mostly spending time with my family, my dog, and my netflix account. I have loved, now more than ever, being home with my OG crew. Here’s a picture of Grammy (aka the most perfect human that has ever existed) and I chit chatting through my grandparent’s orchard after drinking two gin fizzes and napping on the sofa. 


on Graves 

// For the last two years we have been working on growing and developing our sound. We've been expanding our roots from a singer songwriter vibe into a collaborative full bodied band. It was our dream to work hard enough and play enough to be able to produce something we felt could capture the essence of the performances and practices we have done. Our debut EP "Graves" has been an incredible process for us, and we are stoked to be releasing something that we feel captures our sound. Since the days of old when we were yung grasshoppers that were practicing and learning music, we could only dream of playing places like Barboza; but because of this experience it finally feels like it had a purpose. We feel that purpose is to make the people listening feel the emotion we put into every song. And even though we've reached this goal it only pushes us to want to go further and learn and practice and create MORE. We love you, even if we don't know you and you're just reading this for shits. XOXOXOXOX ??COHO?? ilysm

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